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Boots and Leather - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Bob stared as Harry got dressed for the concert and tried not to show his very physical reaction to the sight before him.

Harry had stripped off his baggy sweater and had pulled on a tight-fitting dark blue t-shirt with a gold graphic design on the front that fit him right in all of the right places. It showed off his firm torso and long arms to their best advantage and proved that, yes, he was in good shape. He had traded out his usual sweats for a pair of snug charcoal grey jeans that showed off his long, elegant legs.

He then had thrown on his usual boots and leather duster, and you put it all together and he looked absolutely devastating…and now he was helping Bob with his outfit for the concert.

“Here,” said Harry, tossing Bob a button-up from his closet. “Try this.”

The blonde man caught the shirt and put it on the bed and then slowly stripped off his own shirt, unaware of the fact that Harry’s eyes hungrily raked his bare torso. Slowly, he pulled the shirt on and he was pleasantly surprised to see that it fit him.

It was black with a shimmering red graphic design that snaked up the left side, across the front and over the right shoulder…and, surprisingly enough, he liked it.

Again, he was unaware of Harry’s approving gaze.

“Hey, Bob…try these.”

Bob caught the jeans that Harry had tossed him and then gave Harry a look, raising an eyebrow, and the wizard rolled his eyes and turned around.

Quickly, feeling very self-conscious, Bob dropped his pants and hastily stepped into the jeans, pulling them up his legs and sliding them over his hips, pulling up the zipper and buttoning the fly…and, again, he was surprised at how well they fit him. How on earth did Harry know his size?

“Can I look now?”

Bob chuckled, completely unaware of the reaction that Harry had to the sound.

“Yes, Harry. I’m decent.”

You have no idea how badly I wish you weren’t, thought Harry as he turned around.

Bob hesitantly, and somewhat awkwardly, held his arms away from his body and shrugged his shoulders. Harry motioned with a finger for Bob to do a three-sixty, and the man slowly rotated, waiting for Harry to say something. He couldn’t take it any longer.


Harry smirked.

“Almost perfect…it just needs two more things…”

He then turned around and rifled through his closet once more. Bob waited, somewhat impatiently, and then nearly had the wind knocked out of him as a pair of boots and a hefty leather jacket hit him squarely in the chest.

He barely caught them and then raised an eyebrow at Harry’s amused grin and said, "I believe that's three things, Harry."

Harry continued to grin.

“Put those on, Bob, and you’ll fit right in.”

Bob gave into the urge and rolled his eyes, and then sat down on the edge of Harry’s bed and tugged the boots on and, just as with everything else, they were his size. He stood and threw the coat on and couldn’t stop a small sigh from escaping at the feel of a properly fitted leather coat.

Harry grinned and clapped one large hand on Bob’s shoulder.

“I know…great coat, isn’t it?” Bob nodded, and Harry continued. “Susan got that for me a long while back, and I had a hunch that you and I were the same size…in coats, at least.”

He then moved to walk down the stairs, but didn’t, staring at him incredulously.

“But Harry…you’re significantly broader in the shoulder than I am. That’s not possible.”

Harry gave him his own incredulous look and shook his head. “Boy, you really don’t know what you look like, do you, Bob?” He shook his head a second time and continued down the stairs, leaving the ex-ghost to follow behind him, bewildered by Harry’s comment.

Bob didn’t know how to respond to Harry’s words, so he simply walked behind him and followed him to the jeep.



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Sep. 24th, 2013 08:33 am (UTC)
Please continue this! It is wonderful? Bob in a leather jacket and jeans? I have no idea how harry could possibly resist kissing him when he would look that good.
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