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FIC: He Walked Into My Damned Life

I wrote a little snippet, and it's really hard to post in two different places, so I'm simply going to put links to my stories on fan fiction.

Here you go! Tell me what you think...please! :)


Special Guest Star!!

So, if any of you watch NCIS, the most recent episode, "Detour", premiered tonight, stars...Valerie Cruz!! Yes, our favorite Detective Murphy is amazing and plays a great bad guy. Nice to see that the actors are still active!

VIEDO: Bob and Harry - Til Kingdom Come


Made this video, and my heart broke a little as I did...in a good way! I promise! If you're a Bob/Harry shipper of any kind, watch this and tell me what you think!
Title: Professional Opinions
Author: Doec
Rating: PG so far, should be safe
Summary: A fellow Chicagoan with a flair for the supernatural joins forces with Harry Dresden.  Dresden Files/Night Stalker crossover

Professional OpinionsCollapse )


VIDEO: Under My Skin

So, I made another Bob and Harry video to the Frank Sinatra song, "Under My Skin". Tell me what you think!


I live for reviews and comments, so seeing an empty comment bar beneath my videos is very depressing. I can't get them onto YouTube for some reason, so I'm having to upload them to my facebook page, but they're all there!

Abandoning one, working on another

I hit a wall with my Night Stalker crossover, and then a plotbunny for one of my famous overly-ambitious epic length opuses bit me hard and wouldn't let go.  I'm 25 pages in already and just getting warmed up.  I'm dividing it into three acts, like a play, and I hope you all like it when it's done!




FIC: Falcon

Title: Falcon
Author: NephilimEQ
Rating: M for Mature (I take no chances on where my muse might take me) ;)
Summary: Bob is corporeal and has taken an interest in the world of musicals...and Harry finds out a few things about his old ghostly mentor that he never knew.

Chapter 1Collapse )

For my next trick...

I'll be attempting a crossover between The Dresden Files and The Night Stalker, should be fun!  Also, does anyone else think it's cute that for the Dresden Files, the actors playing Bob and Harry effectively traded accents?  Funny to hear them on the behind-the-scenes featurette using their normal voices, they sound nothing like themselves!

Inheritances, part 2

Author: Doec
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The last wishes of Harry Dresden are carried out, and what comes of them

Inheritances, part 2Collapse )


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