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The Basement Refuge for Bob/Harry Slash

The Basement Refuge for Bob/Harry slash
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This is the Basement Refuge for Bob/Harry slash.
Because: 'Not only is Bob/Harry forever, it's fandom-crack' - morganofthesea

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Your mod is havlockvetinari, your sub!mod is beachkid, and your chat!mod is edana_ni_emer. We can be reached at skullboymods [at] gmail [dot] com. We are active in the community, and will only put on the mod!hats when necessary. If you have a concern, we will do our best to address it promptly and civilly. As with every user, respect is paramount.

Herewith is allowed, so long as it pertains to Bob/Harry:
this list subject to change

1- fanfiction
2- icons
3- screen caps and other images
4- videos
5- general discussion and squee
6- pre/post episode discussions
7- book discussions
8- meta
9- fanmixes
10- recs and links

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or just aren’t sure, ask us (skullboymods [at] gmail [dot] com). We promise we don’t bite.

Code of Conduct:
this list subject to change

-Don't. Be. An. Ass.
in case that’s not clear enough, that means absolutely no flaming or trolling will be tolerated. you will not get a warning; you will be banned.

-Melodrama is unnecessary. If you act like a spoiled twelve year old, you will be treated like a spoiled twelve year old. "Goodbye, cruel fandom!" posts will be taken as such, and you will be banned.

-Do not spam, particularly meaning posts that have no directly Dresden related content. This is a one-strike-offense. You will be banned. If you are at all uncertain whether or not something can be posted, check first. Good clues for things that cannot be posted include community pimping without permission, or anything that has been widely crossposted to non-Dresden communities. Note: "mods, feel free to delete" is not a disclaimer. Think before you post.

-Listen to the mods. Really.

Respect is the name of the game here, folks. We all love Bob and Harry and Bob/Harry. If you have a concern, or something happens that you don’t like, talk it out politely. This goes the other way, too; if someone comes to you with a concern, be willing to listen and discuss it rationally. If you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue, and we don’t catch on, let us know. The mods are watching, and we will intervene if we think it’s necessary. Let’s not make it necessary.

this list subject to change

Heading information required for all fic*^:

+Pairing/Characters, if any other than Bob/Harry are included [this includes main characters not involved in a pairing. example: Harry/Bob, Justin Morningway/Ancient Mai, Murphy, Morgan]
+Warnings (character death, non-con, spoilers, etc.)
+Word Count
+Links to previous parts, if part of a WIP or series
(and don't forget to tag!)

*if your fic is a drabble, or a group of drabbles, title, author, and any necessary warnings will suffice. and remember, a drabble is 100 words, or something very close.

^yes, even podfic.

For your reading pleasure: a handy guide to headers and why they are awesome.

- The fic itself must be placed under a cut, or be a link back to your own journal or an archive. Please do your best to follow standard spelling and grammar conventions; betas are love. If you need a beta, please check out the beta list.

- Place all vids behind cuts, or link to another site.

- Picspam over one image must be under a cut, or a link to another site. You may preview one image before the cut/link.

- A total of three icons may be posted as a preview before the cut/link. Please respect the artists’ requests regarding credit.

- Please do not link to any friends-locked entries.

- Please tag your entries. All tags will be reviewed, and, if needed, corrected by a mod. Here are the current tagging guidelines.

- The actors personal lives WILL NOT be discussed in any way, shape, or form. Non-paparazzi pics and video links are okay (i.e. public appearances, magazine articles, interviews). Discussion about meeting the actors is okay. Discussion about other roles the actors have played is also okay. Any charitable causes the actors are involved with is okay. ANYTHING beyond this cannot be posted until it comes through a mod (skullboymods [at] gmail [dot] com). This is partially for legal reasons, but also because this community is for discussion and play with the characters of Bob and Harry, not their actors. This rule therefore prohibits RPS.

Mod Contact
The shared mod email is skullboymods [at] gmail [dot] com. If you would like to speak to any of us separately, contact havlockvetinari at ZaknafiemWM01 [at] aol [dot] com, beachkid at toughastheycome [at] gmail [dot] com, and edana_ni_emer at edana.ni.emer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Official Disclaimer:
Neither the maintainers nor any member of this community own ‘The Dresden Files’, nor anything recognisably from the ‘The Dresden Files’, especially Bob and Harry. They own our hearts and insane plot-bunnies. They are entirely the fault of Jim Butcher, and the folks over at SciFi. Terry Mann owns Bob, because we probably wouldn't be here if he wasn't so gorgeous. Paul Blackthorne owns Harry, because we also wouldn't be here if he wasn't so adorably scruffy. If we ever do own them, you'll be able to tell: Bob will be in leather pants, and he and Harry will be making out like bunnies.

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